About Sue

Growing up in London it was inevitable that art, fashion and culture would have a big impact on my life. I spent my childhood, and reams of paper, doodling fashion drawings and, as my mother proudly reminded me, I made my first dress on her sewing machine at the age of nine. I have been happily making ever since, creating  individual clothes and textiles, each piece having it's own bit of theatre. 


I studied a BA Fashion and Textiles degree at Ravensbourne College of Art & Design and was already supplying my own womenswear label to independent stores before graduating. Since then I have designed womenswear for many of the big names on the high-street before having my first child, followed by my own childrenswear label. 


In 2012 I launched FASHIONSKOOL, as an after-school activity club at Highgate Primary School, where enthusiastic groups of fashionistas learnt to use a sewing machine and up-cycle their own clothing. During the same year I expanded FASHIONSKOOL by running workshops from my own workspace at home, having realised that there was a demand for learning sewing and textile skills, and that not all children were as lucky as I was in being introduced to them by their own mothers. I have expanded my workshops to be able to pass on my skills to teens and adults, as well as having the privilege of tutoring in various other venues, and can honestly say there is no pleasure greater than creating, and nothing more fulfilling than inspiring creativity in others.