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Teen-Style Dressmaking Club


Those of you who are keen to make your own clothes will love FASHIONSKOOL'S friendly dressmaking club which focuses on following a commercially produced pattern (of your own choice) for any type of garment or accessory.  


Essentially you will already be able to use and thread up a sewing machine, having made several beginners+ level projects including some in clothing. Whilst working at your own pace you will be carefully guided to decipher the pattern's jargon and follow its instructions from taking measurements, adapting for a personal fit where necessary and cutting out the paper pattern in the required size to laying out fabric, cutting, preparing, stitching and finishing the garment to a good standard.


You'll build a knowledge of techniques such as making darts, buttonholes, collars and pockets, inserting zips, attaching interfacing and using an over-locker whilst developing your own sewing skills. This dressmaking club has a lovely atmosphere where the students inspire one another and challenge themselves as their confidence grows. It aims to provide you with the confidence and skills to successfully tackle your own future sewing projects independently from home.


There may be a small amount of prep to do in between sessions; however it is not essential to have your own sewing machine at home. Equipment, threads and light refreshments are provided.


For your first session you will need to provide:

1. An EASY LEVEL pattern (list of recommended patterns and suppliers given on booking)

2. Fabric (for first-timers 100% cotton is recommended)

3. Trims and specified haberdashery (where appropriate).

Skill level: Intermediate / school years 7 to 11

Summer term 2024 dates: Thursdays 25th April - 4th July (no class on 30th May)

Time: 4.30 - 6.00 pm

Course length: 10 sessions

Cost: £160

Skill level: Intermediate / school years 8+ (and school year 7's who have been sewing for some time) 

Summer term 2024 dates: Saturdays 20th April - 6th July (no classes on 25th May or 1st June)

Time: 3.30 - 5.30 pm

Course length: 10 sessions

Cost: £200


"Thank you for all the support this year, how confident she has become since she joined your classes, she is loving to be part of it and it is all down to you, being such an amazing teacher!!!" Angelica (Trish)

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