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In this workshop you will learn how to cut, prepare and stitch fun-fur with a professional finish whilst sewing yourself a gorgeous lined, cropped or hip-length waistcoat. You will need to be able to use a sewing machine independently and should have already completed a few machine-sewing projects.


For this workshop you will need to provide:

0.5m of knitted-back fun-fur fabric*. (NB: the thicker, longer haired the fur, the more challenging this project is; don’t over-challenge yourself on your first attempt).

0.5m lining fabric*. (NB: fleece is ideal as its extra cosy and relatively easy to sew).

Matching fur hooks x 2 (optional).

When booking please choose from the following sizes:


SMALL (approx age 11 -14) or

MEDIUM (approx women’s size 12).


*NB: the fabric requirement for the waistcoat is for a cropped (waist length, shown left) version. To make a longer length version please add an additional 25 cm length of fabric and lining.


All equipment, threads and light refreshments are provided. You will need to bring a packed lunch. Feel free to bring your own sewing machine if you are lucky enough to have one; please ensure that it is a full size machine, in good working order and you are able to thread it yourself.


Level: Intermediate/ age 11+

Date: TBC

Time: 10.30 am - 3.30 pm

Cost: £29 (bring your own fabric & packed lunch)

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