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The Fabric Wreath


The Fabric Wreath workshop has been a FASHIONSKOOL favourite for many years and is the perfect project for anyone who just loves to indulge themselves with fabric and prints. It is rather special, though not essential, to start your wreath using fabric from a favourite but now worn-out garment, perhaps from earlier childhood, which can be woven into the wreath and will begin to create a personal story as well as a conversation-starter. The above wreath, for example, began it's journey as my hubby's worn-out old shirts which were destined for the textile bank. This is a lovely way to recycle and hold on to memories of something previously treasured. 

Without any actual sewing involved, no previous sewing skills are required, however, some reasonable dexterity is needed as you'll be cutting and tying fabric strips to a wire frame in order to create your own unique beautiful piece of textile art. Delve into an assortment of gorgeous fabric scraps to build your own colour combination and feel free to bring any of your own woven cotton fabric remnants to include too. 


Your wreath decoration will last a life-time and can be hung on a wall or door at home all year round or given as a gift to someone very special. 

Festive refreshments, materials and equipment all provided. Please bring slippers or grippy socks to wear. 


Level: All levels, recommended age 10+

Date: Monday 19th December, 2022

No. of Spaces: 5

Time: 1.30pm -  4.45pm 

Cost: £39 


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