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This highly creative and fun up-cycling and customising workshop requires no previous sewing experience! Often we love our clothes for their colour, print, fabric, shape or just the way they feel, but when they are worn out or no longer fit we often find it hard to part with them. In this session you’ll learn to extend your clothes’ life by altering the shape, adding fabrics and trims to update, repair, lengthen or decorate (or maybe cover up stains), or even by combining two or more pieces together to create an exciting new garment in time for the new autumn season! You will not only be expressing your own individuality but also learning a lifetime skill also known as up-cycling.


Please bring with you a good selection of your pre-loved, old or outgrown clothes, garments cast-out by other family members or even charity shop finds which can include fabrics, trims etc. Make sure everything is clean (freshly washed) and get inspired by the new season's  catwalk images to update them using gorgeous fabrics, trims or some clever stitch techniques.


Equipment and a selection of fabrics, and trims are provided. Please bring a face mask and slippers or soft indoor shoes to wear, a packed lunch, snacks and a drink.


Level: Beginners/Age 8+

Date: Tuesday 1st September, 2020

Time: 10.30 - 3 pm

Cost: £35

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