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Long Skinny Stocking
Boot-style stockings

The Ultimate Christmas Stocking

This delightful Christmas sewing workshop is suited to those already able to use a sewing machine, having previously made a couple of projects and offers a choice of styles to suit different skill levels. Selecting from a gorgeous range of fabrics and trims and using an exclusive FASHIONSKOOL pattern you'll make your own beautiful and unique Christmas  stocking ready to proudly display back at home. 


In this workshop you will cut out, piece together and stitch your own unique stocking choosing from the following styles:


1) A 'rustic, long, skinny, patched-sock' style stocking decoration; this beginners+ level project uses natural coloured linen with tasteful cotton Christmas-inspired prints for patching along with delicate cotton trims (shown above left). The stocking measures approximately 80cm length and will hold many mini-sized gifts.


2) The 'heeled-boot' style stocking ; an intermediate level project and a notably more grown-up style will appeal to older children (11+), teens or adults looking for a sewing challenge, it uses sumptuous fabrics and decadent trims (shown above centre). This stocking  can be used purely for decoration or filled with plenty of special little gifts, it measures approximately 50cms in length.


'3) Our 'traditional, classic' style stocking; a beginners level project, uses a mix of naturally luxurious winter fabrics such as cotton velvet, corduroy, wool tweed and checks with a choice of scrumptious trims (shown above right). The stocking measures approximately 70cm from top to heel and can be filled with more than enough stocking fillers.

Enjoy a creative, indulgent afternoon whilst picking up plenty of useful tips to improve your cutting and sewing skills. Materials, equipment and a warm and friendly festive atmosphere are all provided.




Level: Beginners/ Beginners+/ Intermediate (approx. age 10 + - adults. Younger experienced stitchers considered).

Date: Saturday 12th December 2020 

Spaces: 4

Time: 1.30 pm - 5.00 pm

Cost: £40


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